Repair Book In Procedures

The below terms & conditions and procedures are applicable upon submission for a quote to repair a unit.

Repair Fees

Assessment Fee:
  • An assessment fee of R525.00 excluding VAT is charged should the quotation to repair be rejected. This fee is charged for the labour of assessing the unit.
Travelling Fee:
  • A travelling fee of R325.00 ex VAT is charged for book in and collection.
Delivery Fee:
  • A delivery fee of R325.00 ex VAT is charged should we need to collect and deliver the laptop to your physical address.

Repair Timeline

  • The unit usually remains in this state for 2-5 business days. Thereafter a quotation is sent to repair the unit which is only valid for 1 week.
  • If the parts are sourced nationally the parts usually arrive within 5-7 business days (After the quotation is approved).
  • Should they be sourced internationally it takes anywhere from 10-15 business days for the parts to arrive.
In Progress
  • Once the parts are received the repair takes 3-5 days for the unit to be repaired.
Quality Control
  • The unit is sent to quality control the same day the repair is completed and can take up to 1 business day.

Repair Delays

Courier / Delivery
  • Courier services striking.
Parts being dead on arrival
  • In this case the part is a dud, the part will have to be returned to the supplier and a new part is to be ordered.
Part shortages
  • In rare cases the unit is returned unrepaired and the repair centre advises when the unit may be rebooked.
  • Repairs not collected within 90 days may be sold to defray expenses.
  • All equipment handed in for repair is done so at the customer’s own risk. Insurance remains the responsibility of the customer.

Last Edited: 6 February 2021

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