POPIA Compliance

The POPI Act has been implemented for the constitutional security and protection of personal information and to specify when, why or how your personal information may be used. Visit popia.co.za to find out more about the POPI Act in South Africa.

With the fast paced increase in digital connectivity and use for social and business interactions, a large amount of personal information is retained and used by various institutions and entities for various purposes such as marketing, personalised advertising, to provide updates and more.

MacRoots (Pty) Ltd will provide a “Privacy Starter Pack”, comprised of a base offering and additional services. The distinction between these services are explained below.

Base Offering & Services

  • The Base Offering includes a minimum set of activities to address the most pressing legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The Base Offering is provided at a fixed cost.
  • The Base Offering is provided on a turnkey basis.
  • The Base Offering is for businesses that:
    • process small amounts of personal information,
    • centralise personal information processing,
    • do not utilise third parties to process personal information,
    • limit processing of personal information on mobile devices,
    • provide B2B services only,
    • and/or only operate in South Africa.

Specific Services

  • Introductory Awareness Session
  • Information Officer / System Controller Training
  • Website Review
  • PAIA Manual
  • Privacy Notice
  • Policies
  • Regulator Registration

Optional Services

  • As a business you may consider the available optional services if you:
    • process large amounts of personal information,
    • allow personal information to be processed on decentralised infrastructure, mobile devices, or by third parties,
    • do not utilise third parties to process personal information,
    • provide B2C services,
    • and/or operate in multiple legislative jurisdictions.
  • Contract Reviews / Data Transfer Agreements
  • Data Discovery
  • Ongoing Support
  • Readiness Assessment

Are you and your business POPIA compliant?

Contact us and let us assist your business to be POPIA compliant with our end-to-end privacy solutions.

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