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MacRoots (Pty) Ltd home and business network solutions provides you the advantage of improving and customising your network, according to your individual requirements.

A network infrastructure is your network layout, from your network floor points to your switches, routers and cabinets. MacRoots (Pty) Ltd upgrades, repairs and installs network cabling and connectivity hardware, providing a fast and secure network that is critical for smooth and optimum daily operations.

We have been involved in some high end client such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where we installed network points and supplied them with custom made server racks and special patch panels that are angled.

MacRoots (Pty) Ltd also coordinates with your ISP for your internet and complete setup of your business network from beginning to end. If you are in need of a ISP we have worked with a few that we can recommend to use.


New network infrastructures built from the ground up to suit you or your business needs

Fault Finding

Troubleshoot existing or potential issues on your network that disrupt daily operations


Network infrastructure repairs on cables and network points ensure reliable connectivity


Advanced and high performance network hardware upgrades available for a fast, secure network


Indoor and Outdoor network solutions available for personal networks or home office requirements


Small, Medium and Large offices all require a fast, reliable and secure network for all users


MacRoots (Pty) Ltd supplies, installs and repairs cables & network connections based on your needs

We install, repair and move both Indoor and Outdoor CAT5, CAT6 and Fibre network points, providing faster, more stable internet speeds on your network as well as optimum working conditions for your users. Fault finding and cable repairs on faulty CAT3, CAT5 and CAT6 network points is also available.

Network cleanups are available which include fault finding, re-patching and labelling of network points, removing of unused cables and cabling equipment, and more.


Access the internet with fast, reliable and secure WIFI and Network connections for home and business premises

MacRoots (Pty) Ltd doesn’t just do cabling, we also supply the hardware that keeps you connected such as routers, access points, switches, firewalls and more, providing you with a reliable network connection. We provide both internal and external network hardware to suit your needs.

We also provide solutions to optimise your network devices to ensure you remain connected to a fast and secure network.


Servers require safe, secure and fast network connections for optimal operations and data security

MacRoots (Pty) LTD provides a wide array of networking solutions for on premises servers and network infrastrucutre storage such as Cabinets, Brush Panels, Patch Panels, Switches, Firewalls, Power Strips, Backup Power and more.

Whether for a Rack Server or simply to store and secure your network hardware, MacRoots (Pty) Ltd offers optimal network infrastructure solutions for your home or business.

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Get in touch with us for an assessment of your network and we’ll provide you with a full breakdown of where your network could use some improvement to ensure your connection is fully optimised, utilised & dead zone free.

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