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MacRoots (Pty) Ltd home and business networking solutions affords you the advantage of improving and customising your network, according to your individual requirements. This includes the upgrading and installation of network cabling and cabinets. We can also assist you with the optimisation of your devices such as access points, routers, switches and firewalls.

A network architecture is basically your network layout, from your network floor points to your switches and routers. Having a good network lay out can benefit you in so many ways, troubleshooting a fault, tracing out cables, repairing or replacing faulty equipment.

We at MacRoots (Pty) Ltd supple and install various different types of cables and cabling. We install cat 3, which is commonly used for telephones (analogue and digital). These are starting to be phased out by VoIP telephones systems. We install cat5e and cat6 networks as well, we install majority cat6 as you get more speed on your network which means faster working conditions for users. The install of network cables for Wi-Fi access points. As most customers are moving away from floor cables and opting more for wireless solution. Fibre links to cabinets single and multi-mode. We also supply and install outdoor cat 5 and cat6 for those outdoor buildings that need network connection.

We can match all your network Jacks at your current layout. MacRoots (Pty) Ltd doesn’t just do cabling, we supply network cabinets, shelves, fans , power strips, Patch panels, brush panes, cable management, basically anything you need for a cabinet we can supply.

MacRoots (Pty) Ltd also offers cable repairs. If you have a fault with your network point not working? We can repair cat3, cat5e and cat6 network points. If it can’t be fixed we can replace it.

We supply and configure a various amount of switches and routers dependent on you environment. If you need a switch to run your Voip phones we can supply you with a POE gigabit switch. We also supply switches with Fibre capability and we supply and configure access points

We at MacRoots (Pty) Ltd also supply network clean-up which entails us re-patching and labelling the network cabinet removing of unused equipment and un necessary cables. Once this has been done it will be easier to find any faults or issues on the network.

We have been involved in some high end client such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where we installed network points and supplied them with custom made server racks and special patch panels that are angled.

MacRoots (Pty) Ltd can also coordinate with your ISP for your internet and complete setup of your business network from beginning to end. If you are in need of a ISP we have worked with a few that we can recommend to use.

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