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IT Security and Backup Solutions are part of the most sought-after fields in information technology today and for a good reason! Because of this, we have invested time and skill into IT Security and Backup Solutions to safe guard your organisation, in a way that makes you feel supported and secure.

Our vulnerability assessments are designed to evaluate your business for imminent threats and potential exposures. Our tailored approach – particularly to security – will guarantee you are given the best possible options to protect your organisation. We plan these assessments to fit your budget and function optimally in your environment.

Antivirus Security

IT Security Solutions

Anti-Virus in today’s age is essential to safe guarding any information, be it Apple or Windows. MacRoots can offer an Anti-Virus with Weekly / Monthly reports that also gives a central report & control point. With reports generated the IT Specialists can, with faster resolution, identify the problematic system and resolve as soon as possible. This is irrespective if installations were done on either Apple or Windows and the reports generated give device identification (IP & Device Name). Example of such damage;

Example of a Virus Cryptolocker Virus: It is a Trojan horse that infects your computer and then searches for files to encrypt. This includes anything on your hard drives and all connected media (USB Flashdrives, Network Shares, etc.). This makes all information inaccessible to anyone as the key is scrambled as well. The virus was designed the encrypt without being able to decrypt.

  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Anti-Encryption
  • Data Protection
  • External Device Protection
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Firewall Solutions

IT Security Solutions

Many people think a firewall only prevents intrusions. With the developments these days, not true at all. Firewalls can be used for much more than this. A hardware-based firewall can in today’s technology level can;

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Filter / Restrict incoming and outgoing traffic (Including: Websites, File types, etc.)
  • Store all logs on a remote cloud-based location for safer storage
  • Give Networking services like; DHCP, VPN, Mac Address Filtering, etc.)
  • Report to an on-site syslog server if needed
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VPN Solutions

IT Security Solutions

With a VPN setup, off-site users can remote in securely (with a custom generated certificate or a internally created certificate normally generated by the hardware firewall). With a connection like this, you can be confident that the connection from your staff member / employee’s security is guarded. Measures like this, is what prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and makes sure that the permitted device is the only one accessing the information.

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Domain Structuring

For Home and Office

A domain is structured around the basis of central permission, user and device management. Most companies do not change their domain structure unless a security breach has occurred or unless the company has grown to a size larger than what the original structure was designed for. As example… a second Domain can be created within a domain that can be used for Administrative purposes only. This can prevent a Pass-The-Hash Attack & Unauthorized user access which can all lead to data loss, Server Crashes & overall security network breaches.

PAW Configuration

For Home and Office

Privileged Access Workstation. The moment you have a server / device / workstation that only certain people from certain points are permitted to access, the best guard is what is called a PAW. MacRoots can adjust servers / workstations / data centre’s to only accept incoming remote control connections (TelNet, SSH, RDC, etc) from PAW’s. This can prevent Mac Address spoofing, unauthorised user access & external connection requests from any unknown or known connections.

Azure Domain Services

IT Security Solutions

MacRoots has specialists in the field of Azure. Azure services can be joined or ran independent from your on-site server. When a user is altered on the on-site, this change is given to connecting user irrelevant where they are. If their system is connected to the internet and the user is logged in, the change will be noted and adjusted. Some changes can be made immediate, depending on the change adjustment. Your domain can be joined to a Azure Domain, allowing user to sign into their domain resource. This can include cloud based storage which is guarded by a Microsoft Server.

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IT Backup Solutions

A Microsoft service allowing information to be storage securely on a remote cloud storage location. This can be linked to a user’s Azure Domain account which in turn can the be backed up to the companies on-site file server. So if the device is physically damaged, stolen, etc. the information will remain safe on Microsoft’s Cloud storage &, if adjusted to, on your on-site file server.

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