Domain Registration

Get a wide range of domain-related offerings such as domain registration, domain parking, domain search, domain renewal, domain transfer, domain reservation, domain lookup and domain forwarding. Say more about your business and take your pick from local and international domains supported and use your domain name to say more about your business. These include:, .com, .org, .biz, .info, .net and more

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives. A good way to think about this is if the domain name was the address of your house, then web hosting is the actual house that address points to. All websites on the internet, need web hosting. When someone enters your domain name in a browser, the domain name is translated into the IP address of your web hosting company’s computer. This computer contains your website’s files, and it sends those files back to the users’ browsers.

Web-based Applications

A web based application is an application that is available via the internet either with the full or partial functionality as an installed version of the software. MacRoots has partnered with Microsoft and Adobe.

Website Hosting

This service provides physical resources such as a server and it’s relevant components required to view your website and it’s content online. Website hosting is a requirement for any website, it includes the physical location of the website. Every website that is available online or that you’ve ever visited is an example of a website that is, or was hosted.

Hosted Mail

Instead of having your email saved to an onsite server, choose to host your mail and utilize cloud backup and storage solutions such as Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365). Here you will have access to your email from virtually any location, your email will sync across multiple devices and as an added bonus your staff will be enabled to work on-the-go.

Hosted Servers and Operating Systems

A hosted server is a server that is accessible via the web. One of the great advantages of a hosted server is not having the outright cost of a physical server or it’s components. You will no longer be responsible for the physical maintenance of the server. Should your needs change you can easily upgrade or downgrade to a different package which caters to these changes without needing to purchase any hardware.

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