Cloud solutions providing anywhere, anytime data access

Make use of the latest Cloud Solutions with almost anywhere, anytime access to data, emails and collaboration services, offering peace of mind that there is a solution suited to your data needs!

With work-from-home strategies being adopted globally, the need for a central storage and means for team collaboration has never been greater. Through the use of Cloud Storage, Cloud Backups and Cloud Applications and Services, you can rest assured that your team is working optimally and collaborating effectively.

Instead of having an onsite backup, make use of cloud backup and storage solutions, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure and a backup is being maintained through the cloud. Disaster Recoveries can be completed with the click of a button and the size of your storage can be increased or decreased without having to purchase any additional hard drives, saving you time and money.

Anywhere Access

Access your data from almost anywhere, anytime provided you are on a high speed internet connection

Cloud Storage

Sync user and company data to the cloud to ensure it is up to date, safe and secure

Cloud Backups

Backup your data to the cloud where it is up to date, safe, secure and can be recovered with ease

Disaster Recovery

Peace of mind that data is always recoverable in the event of malicious activity or hardware failure

Cloud Software

Access to cloud based applications saves local storage space with up to date web applications

Cloud Collaboration

Increase productivity with the use of cloud based applications and cloud storage for teams

Cloud Storage

Store your personal or business data in the cloud and provide you and your team with data access almost anywhere, anytime

Optimise and secure personal and company data storage and access with modern cloud storage solutions, providing you peace of mind that your personal and company data is always up to date and accessible on multiple devices, wherever you or your team are.

Personal or business cloud storage provides you and your team the ability to collaborate with increased productivity and optimum data security.

Backup & Recovery

Having your data accessible in the event of malicious activity, corruption or hardware failure is a critical priority

Stop worrying about a crashed hard drive and consider a future with no-fuss backups. MacRoots (Pty) Ltd provides various Cloud Backup & Recovery solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Veeam, BackBlaze and Crashplan to name a few.

We can guarantee that your backups run successfully, and ensure the safety and recoverability of your vital business and personal data.

Cloud Collaboration

Increase your teams productivity with data collaboration through cloud storage and cloud based applications

Remote work and physical data access should not be a hindrance to you or your businesses workflow. You and your team can work effectively through Cloud Storage and Cloud Applications such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and more.

Empower your team with a broad and personalised Cloud Solution, tailored to you and your teams needs for optimum performance, productivity and teamwork.

Take advantage of the cloud

We’ll provide you with cost-effective cloud solutions based on your specific requirements. Whether your looking to store archive data or shift to cloud for operations, we’ll find the right solution.