Cloud solutions providing anywhere access

Central communication point giving you anytime, anywhere access, and peace of mind that there is a solution suited to you and your data. Making use of our latest Cloud Solutions will allow you to access your data and email from almost anywhere, anytime! We can guarantee that your backups run successfully, and ensure the safety of your vital information.

Backup, Storage and Recovery Solutions

Instead of having an onsite backup, an organisations backup can run offsite by making use of cloud backup and storage solutions. Using this kind of solution gives you peace of mind that your backup is being maintained through the cloud. Recoveries can be completed with the click of a button and the size of your backup can be increased or decreased without having to purchase any additional hard drives. Set worrying about a crashed hard drive aside and consider a future with no-fuss backups. MacRoots has the ability to implement various solutions such as OneDrive, Azure, BackBlaze and Crashplan to name a few.

What should a business consider when looking to implement a cloud solution?

Cloud backup and storage solutions can be broken down into two main categories namely Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). All of the above fall within either of these categories. Each of these options have their own benefits, we’ve listed these briefly below:

The benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • Access to the application from virtually any location
  • Developers are constantly improving this software, you will have access to each of the updates and new features without having to purchase the latest version.
  • Having access to complicated and well maintained applications
  • It is much easier to have a remote workforce when all of them are working off a cloud based application
  • The ability to add and remove licences according to the amount of users that are currently in need of the application/s
  • The ability to use this software on the go without having to download and install the software due to the availability of browser platforms.

The benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

  • Better security as these servers are protected by firewalls and antivirus
  • Businesses are better equip to plan for disaster recovery resulting in improved business continuity.
  • Greater focus on your core services.
  • Improved support, increased stability and mindful reliability.
  • Money is saved on capital expenses as well as ongoing costs since it’s longer a necessity to purchase assets out-right
  • The ability to respond rapidly to changing business circumstances
  • Time is saved by quicker deployment. Setting up an onsite server can take weeks or months to setup whereas a hosted server can be setup in a matter of hours or days.

Take advantage of the cloud

We’ll provide you with cost-effective cloud solutions based on your specific requirements. Whether your looking to store archive data or shift to cloud for operations, we’ll find the right solution.

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