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We provide our clients with a tailored approach to IT services. These tailored products and services are designed to provide the best quality and most cost effective IT solutions. MacRoots is one of the few service providers in the country that offer such a wide spectrum of services. You would have access to a range of assistances, which in the long run will give you a competitive advantage in any field of operation.

Our model aims to partner your staff with our team of skilled Systems Administrators, to provide you with IT services, enabling you to leverage off of a host of skills – all housed in one place. We have the ability to assist on a large scale, to businesses and schools that need managed IT services, as well as on a more personalised level to individuals who need day-to-day IT assistance.

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Our technical expertise and commitment to providing quality.

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No need for a slogan. Our service speaks for itself. See what our clients.

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No need for a slogan. Our service speaks for itself. See what.


Through many years of trial and error we have and continue to develop tried and tested solutions you can depend on.


Business must be done right and have a positive outcome for everyone involved through ethical operations.


With the industry and solutions constantly evolving we strive to ensure all staff are trained and up to date.


The MacRoots Team always goes above and beyond to ensure issues are resolved and you are completely satisfied.


We understand deadlines and time constraint impacts so we strive to provide minimal resolution and lead times.


Every stage of our IT solutions processes are managed to ensure and provide a reliable and consistent experience.

The MacRoots Team

We have the best in the business

Corrie Roets

Managing Director

Irma Roets

Financial Director

Ian Booyens

Technical Director

Adrian van der Merwe

Systems Administrator

Blaise Ifoli

Systems Administrator

Pule Majola

Systems Administrator

Charl Grobbelaar

Systems Administrator

Peter Rapetsoa

Systems Administrator

Zeon de Villiers

Technical Coordinator

Bonita Wentzel

Sales & Procurement

Michelle Vooght

HR Consultant

Beauty Nkomo

Financial Administrator

Nikolaus Moe

Marketing & New Business Development

Herbet Ndzeku

Driver &
Junior Cabling


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Our service speaks for itself through technical expertise and commitment to providing quality tailored IT solutions has been instrumental in MacRoots’ acquisition of noteworthy clients. See what our clients have to say about the service they receive on a daily basis.

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